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knowledge vs experience:

Some people have argued that if you can have a good job with a good pay, or a business with a good return/ income to support yourself and others, then, education is not as important. Knowledge is the years of schooling you need to gain the credentials for a great career. This can become handy […]

Building rapport with abused and neglected children

As a freshman in college I worked as a night counselor in a group home for abused and neglected teenage boys. Like any other job, there were risks involved, and one of the things that connected me with these boys was wrestling. I loved and still love wrestling.  I informed the boys that I used […]

why do some people succeed and others fail?

Why do some people succeed in life and others don’t? “Whatever your decision on improving your life—physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, or psychologically—it has to start now. Many times when we wait to make a good decision, the consequences might be greater than the cost. I have also learned that forgiveness is not only for sins […]

Technology for 21st century!

Nowadays, the overwhelming technological and scientific advancements taking place in every aspect of our lives are a commonplace for the younger generations, who for evident reasons have a better access to these advancements. Millions of children and teenagers can’t conceive a world without iPods, cell phones with cameras and GPS, chat rooms, social networks and […]

what is ssdi?

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) SSDI (Save, Spend, Donate, Invest) As a welcome gift to my sixteen years old, I gave her a piggy bank with $16.00 to start managing money. Her weekly allowance will be $10.00. She will SSDI $4.00 a month. By the end of the year, she will have $48.00.  $4×12 months […]

What kind of people abuse children?

People who sexually abuse children suffer from emotional immaturity, low self-esteem, and inability to see harm in their actions and lack the knowledge to control their impulses. Often the offenders were victims of child sexual abuse themselves. Many abusers are not strangers; they are often people of position or power in our lives, such as, […]

Debt and Psychology

Some people are relieved now that the tax return is behind them, while some are struggling with debts or refunds they did not anticipate. “I projected onto money the power to fulfill my fantasies, calm my fears, and ease the pain…,” (p.51). However, when we spend on credit we are buying this dream with someone […]

April is child abuse prevention month:

This happened long time, why do I have to remember now?  There are many reasons why children do not deal with the abuse at the time of the incident: unconscious feelings of shame, disbelief, and self blame. Abusers may also threaten or bribe children into not speaking up, convincing the child that it is indeed […]

sexual abuse, how would you know?

How would you know if you were sexually abused? First, pay attention to your feelings and follow your gut. A lot of victims of sexual abuse tend to block out memories they have of the incident only to be triggered by painful reminders like: specific sounds, smells, words and facial expressions. If you suspect that […]

what type of parent(s)abuse their children?

There are more and more parents today who are abusing and neglecting their children than in a few centuries ago. What has changed? Is economy part of it? How about poor parenting or lack of parenting skills? While child abuse and neglect occurs in all types of families-even in those that look happy from the […]

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