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Honoring Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States of America. Originally, the holiday was known as “Decoration Day.” It was started by a Civil War general named Gen. John Logan, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic to help the country come back together after the horrors and divide of the […]

What is good parenting?

No one can replace the parents’ role in the life of a child.  All parents are the first teachers and a child’s influence in life. This will form a child’s character and personality. The child’s attitude, goals perspective on life will depend and influenced by these first years of formation.  What a child learns in […]

Effective Communication for Teen Runaways:

The following is a brief list of suggestions that can help reduce the risk of a runaway. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions than may help. If the risk is high, and your relationship is extremely poor, including the level of trust, then these suggestions may not help. Obtain the support and advice […]

What motivates teens runaway?

One of the greatest fears that a parent can experience is when they discover that their child is missing or has run away. Parents will experience a range of emotions. The stress of the situation and the different ways in which parents, family, friends and police respond can reach crisis proportions and create further crisis […]

what happens to abused and neglected when they turn 18?

Children are placed in foster care homes or other foster care facilities when the state deems their home and family situations to be unhealthy, unsafe or when parents are no longer able to care for a child for whatever reason. While foster care can be supportive and nurturing, the living situations often lack the permanency […]

Do you suffer from PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is virtually any trauma, defined as an event that is life-threatening or that severely compromises the emotional well-being of an individual or causes intense fear, may cause PTSD. Such events often include either experiencing or witnessing a severe accident or physical injury, receiving a life-threatening medical diagnosis, being the victim of […]


As the old saying goes  you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. For many people, focusing on limitations and negative beliefs comes easy but very draining emotionally.  Finding and identifying bad habits would be the first step to change. Are there habits that weigh you down? Are there habits that you know you need […]

distinguishing between child and elder abuse

Sometimes it is easy to recognize abuse and neglect in children though many of the signs might be indistinct than in elder abuse. A child may have gotten a bruise from being bullied by other children or falling down during soccer game. However, children respond to maltreatment in different ways – some show no signs […]


The decision to be a foster parent was a huge step for me and a risk that I had to trust God to help me through it. Before I got my foster kids, I asked the Elders of Trinity Church to come and pray for/with me in my home. They have continued to pray for […]


Mother’s day is a tough day for many abused and neglected children. It is a constant reminder to them that their mother’s either did not want them, consciously or unconsciously decided to abuse them. We all can be sensitive if we have children who have no connection with their parents for whatever reason at this […]

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