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The Spirit of giving

Today we see more and more people on the road side with a sign “Vietnam Veteran- please help” Many of us wish the light will turn green quickly so that we do not have eye contact with the person. Singer’s argument is simple. We ought to save a child from drowning unless we are risking something […]

Riches And Meaning

 At-risk, abused and neglected teenagers go through the hurling of placements and sometimes justice and their rights to choose where to live are denied. I don’t know about you, but growing up, the whole community was in charge of raising and disciplining children. However, today’s children are different and laying a finger on them can […]

How important to teach young children how to save

Many young people struggle with finances even though they were taught by either one parent or both. Imagine foster children who are not taught by either parent, or taught by multiple people and the confusion that comes with it. Most of the system children may not know the importance of hard work and savings.  and […]

the challenges of abused and neglected teenagers

I got a new fridge today to conserve energy. I contemplated keeping old food in the new fridge. I am not fond of throwing food away, but I did because the new and the old could not go together. Many abused and neglected teenagers go through the same quandary almost daily.  Their wish would be– “Therefore, […]

The Fear of Reporting Child Abuse or Domestic Violence

Abuse of all types including sexual abuse occurs in all cultures.  The meaning, however, and responses to interventions vary according to the victim’s and family’s cultural heritage and how society treats people from the victim’s ethnic group. If individuals are marginalized and discriminated against, they often have greater trouble trusting or cooperating with intervening authorities […]

child abuse and undocumented immigrants

Many child abuse and neglect go unreported because of fear from a parent who is not documented. The fear of deportation is greater than the fear of reporting the abuser. Details will be posted later today.

The effects of abuse and neglect on children

Child Abuse and neglect is a slogan that many people are familiar with, however, there are deep and long lasting effects on child abuse and neglect including – Child maltreatment, physical abuse, psychological maltreatment, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse and neglect. Many abused and neglected children go through many hands after they have been […]

if you have two weeks to live…,

If we know how long our lives are or will be, we may take a different approach to life. Sometimes it is good not knowing what tomorrow holds. I watched ‘Becker’ one of the old sit com’s where Sam Malone as he is known in ‘Cheers’ acts as a doctor. A patient came in and […]

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