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Group Home Teenager For American Idol-2013

I watched the semifinal of American Idol last night as many Americans did. The vote that came in was 95 million which also voted Hailey out. This highest vote (of all seasons as Seacrest puts it) shows how many people either enjoy the show or have more time in their hands. The last two contestants […]

Teenage Runaways

Many teenagers have tried or actually ran away from home. Teenagers run away are common among Abused and Neglected Children. Many of them run away for temporary freedom or rebelliousness. I remember one of the many incidents at one of the group home I worked at.   Three teenagers decided to ran away together. The girls […]

Conclusion of Friday May 13

Jane came back to Wal-Mart and reported to the manager what happened. The manager reiterated that their procedure was to call the police first. Jane called the police, waited for about twenty minutes and the police officer came. The police officer checked for finger prints and none was found. The officer said, “you should be […]

Friday May 13th

  A friend of mine reported to me yesterday about her disastrous Friday 13th. (I will call her Jane for privacy sake) She had just bought a few things from Wal-Mart, walked to her car and was approached by two black men who appeared to be father and son. The father said, hallow, we are […]


Many parents would like to see their children grow up, get married and have children. What happens when teenagers get pregnant and has not graduated from high school?  It is easy for parents to deal with teen pregnancy sometimes, but teenagers in the system may feel that getting pregnant may give them some kind of […]

Mothers’ Day Special

Mothers Day is a very special time for many people. This day reminds each one of us the role that mothers played – positive or negative.  This time is not easy for many abused and neglected children. Many of these children see their mother as culprits who never protected them when they needed to. On […]

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