Friday May 13th

By Betty


father, son and victim

A friend of mine reported to me yesterday about her disastrous Friday 13th. (I will call her Jane for privacy sake) She had just bought a few things from Wal-Mart, walked to her car and was approached by two black men who appeared to be father and son. The father said, hallow, we are selling laptop computers if you are interested. Jane responded happily, sure.  They both introduced themselves as Reggie Jr., and Sr., aka father and son. The father showed Jane laptop computers which were at the trunk of their car. Jane responded to them how much? The father said three hundred dollars and we have sold four only two left. Jane hesitated for a little while and informed them that she will go home and return. The son said; let me give you my cell phone number. The both exchanged numbers.  After a few conversations, the father told Jane to withdraw money for Wal-Mart ATM. Jane agreed and they both walked to Wal-Mart. The ATM at Wal-Mart was not working. They both walked back to their cars and the older man said, oh, we can follow you to get money from your bank. At this point, security person of Wal-Mart came and told the two men to leave since soliciting was not allowed.

Jane agreed to go to her bank and withdraw money. She drove to wells Fargo bank and the two gentlemen followed her. Jane withdrew three hundred dollars, came back near her car where the older gentleman was standing. Jane gave him $240.00 and he said it was 250.00. She gave him a twenty and he gave her ten dollars back. The man went back to his car, brought the laptop with a black plastic back. The old man asked Jane to open her trunk, and placed the computer in there. They drove as quickly as they could.

Jane thought of taking a picture of their car number plate, but she did not. Jane decided to open the wrapped laptop and only found two wooden boards. Jane was in total shock. She called the number those people had given her and no body answered. She called five times and finally the phone was shut off. Will continue…,

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