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By Betty

JULY 4TH 037Today I thought of what makes others succeed in life. Here is the dislike about one person: No risk. I have no expectations of myself, nor do others. I can be lazy and set low goals. Or, I will try/risk more. I would be less selfish and self-protecting. In any decision we make in life, it is our approach, attitude and determination that will give the best or the worst outcome.

Filed in: Education, General • Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


Visited Kenya recently and was surprised and impressed by the diversity of employment opportunities for men and women. When I was growing up, in Nairobi, only ladies braided and curly-kit to other ladies. Now, men were working side by side with women in the same saloon- and even men were having their hair did! Very Nice. Matatu conductors were mostly men, but there are several lady conductors working. Very Very Nice!


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