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Helping One Family at a Time Cross Cultural Adoption and Foster Parent(s) Inc., is a Non-Profit Organization 501(C) (3) based in California and was founded in 2009 to support abused and neglected children and their families. In my experiences both as social worker, clinician in various group homes and foster agencies and as a private […]


Many children who live away from their natural homes finds Thanksgiving a difficult time to deal with. It reminds them of their biological families and other members who are far from them. Well, family does not mean blood relations. If you live with a family who cares and loves you, then that is your family. […]

Support for Abused and Neglected Children

CCAAFP is still waiting on the Lord to provide so that this Transitional Housing that is vital for teenagers exiting the system will find a place they call home again. Your support is needed now than ever. Get involved and a change a young person’s life. Read more on this link:


Holidays are very difficult times for abused and neglected children. This is the time when families, loved ones spend and share good times together, not so with these kids. It is a constant reminder that they are not with their families. Some of these children have adapted to other families and blended well. Thanks to […]


Today, many families celebrated Thanksgiving with their families. It is unfortunate for many Abused and Neglected children who did not have this opportunity to celebrate with their families. Many of them celebrated this in a group home with paid staff. Any one of us needs a family to depend on at the end of the […]

The Power of the Mind

There are times I have wondered how people who have been abused and neglected get up, pick up their pieces to continue living again? The human mind is very strong, sometimes we miss the power of the mind and let other thoughts cross over and we give up in life. I got a call from […]


Today’s Labor Day marks a very significant event in my life-Coming to America.  Many abused and neglected children may not look forward to labor day with excitement. Many of them feel that their parents’ labor had been in vain. Wishing all foster, abused and neglected children best Labor Day!


Today is father’s day that is celebrated in many western cultures. There are many people I know who did not grow up with a biological father, however, they were surrounded by good loving uncles, cousins who influenced them. Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathering and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers […]

Teenage Runaways

Many teenagers have tried or actually ran away from home. Teenagers run away are common among Abused and Neglected Children. Many of them run away for temporary freedom or rebelliousness. I remember one of the many incidents at one of the group home I worked at.   Three teenagers decided to ran away together. The girls […]

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