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Just a thought:

Today I thought of what makes others succeed in life. Here is the dislike about one person: No risk. I have no expectations of myself, nor do others. I can be lazy and set low goals. Or, I will try/risk more. I would be less selfish and self-protecting. In any decision we make in life, […]

Support for Abused and Neglected Children

CCAAFP is still waiting on the Lord to provide so that this Transitional Housing that is vital for teenagers exiting the system will find a place they call home again. Your support is needed now than ever. Get involved and a change a young person’s life. Read more on this link:

love divided and deception of parents:

Looking at dysfunctional families today, it is less compared to this one family in the Bible. These are two parents who had twins as their first born. Father loved the first twin-Esau, and mother loved the second twin-Jacob. “Isaac who had a taste for wild game, loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob. (Genesis 25:28, New International […]

How Would You Know If/When You are Depressed?

On a previous article I mentioned that depression is a sickness that can be treated. Below are the symptoms of depression: Poor appetite or overeating Insomnia or hypersomnia Low energy or fatigue A feeling of hopelessness Low self esteem Poor concentration Difficulty with making decisions If you can identify with more than three of the […]

Depression is Not Just Feeling Blues or Sad:

Those who have gone through depression would describe it as – feeling insignificant, everything stayed the same and the world was getting smaller and smaller. Depression is real and a serious illness as diabetes or heart disease.  Depression results from chemical imbalance/change in the brain. Like any illness, it tends to run in families. No […]

Public Warning!!!!

I am amazed how many people would like to be rich quickly at the expense of hard working Americans or non Americans. In the last one week, I have received 15 emails from different email addresses asking me to pay Electronic Federal Taxes. I do have have faith in United States, Internal Revenue Service (US-IRS) […]


Family violence is a crime. It is a problem widespread in many cultures. This is the mistreatment of one or more family members by another. Family violence includes: Physical abuse include: Slapping, hitting or burning Sexual abuse Include: rape and incest Emotional abuse include: threats, name calling, insults and harassment Neglect include: Poor physical or […]

The Vicious Circle of Violence:

Violence often follows a vicious circle, and if it is not broken, this can follow the family for a long time and in many different ways- examples are: A husband abuses his wife and children The wife takes out her frustration on the children Children who suffer or witness violence may abuse brothers and sisters, […]

Gay/Lesbian Among Us:

Many of us wondered with awe the murder of Matthew Shepard, 21-year-old student at the University of Wyoming more than a decade ago, which spurred the gay community around hate-crime. The recent suicide of Tyler Clementi, 18 years old student of Rutgers University whose sex life was speckled on the Internet has left many people: […]

The Desperation of the Heart:

I randomly watched ‘Snapped’ one of the depressing television programs of today. The episode was on a woman, whose heart was wicked and desperate for money, did not care about others, but herself. She organized and planned the death of her first and second husband. Greed did not stop her even after getting thousands of […]

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