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Much is given, much is expected

To some people, the struggle of basic needs are constant, while others have too much. Over the years I have learned that giving gives us joy and contentment within.

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Working on a new project

Helping One Family at a Time Cross Cultural Adoption and Foster Parent(s) Inc., is a Non-Profit Organization 501(C) (3) based in California and was founded in 2009 to support abused and neglected children and their families. In my experiences both as social worker, clinician in various group homes and foster agencies and as a private […]

Support for Abused and Neglected Children

CCAAFP is still waiting on the Lord to provide so that this Transitional Housing that is vital for teenagers exiting the system will find a place they call home again. Your support is needed now than ever. Get involved and a change a young person’s life. Read more on this link:

Conclusion of Friday May 13

Jane came back to Wal-Mart and reported to the manager what happened. The manager reiterated that their procedure was to call the police first. Jane called the police, waited for about twenty minutes and the police officer came. The police officer checked for finger prints and none was found. The officer said, “you should be […]

Friday May 13th

  A friend of mine reported to me yesterday about her disastrous Friday 13th. (I will call her Jane for privacy sake) She had just bought a few things from Wal-Mart, walked to her car and was approached by two black men who appeared to be father and son. The father said, hallow, we are […]

Public Warning!!!!

I am amazed how many people would like to be rich quickly at the expense of hard working Americans or non Americans. In the last one week, I have received 15 emails from different email addresses asking me to pay Electronic Federal Taxes. I do have have faith in United States, Internal Revenue Service (US-IRS) […]

15 Emails about Electronic Federal Tax Payment?

Your. Your Tax Payment ID: 0103344390 has been rejetced. Monday, October 18, 2010 3:25 AM From: “EFTPS Tax Payment” <>Add sender to Contacts To: EFTPS ONLINE THE EAISEST WAY TO PAY YOUR FEEDRAL TAXES Your Federal Tax Payment ID: 01037593260 has been not accepted. Pelase, make sure that all infromation you have submtited is […]

The Spirit of giving

Today we see more and more people on the road side with a sign “Vietnam Veteran- please help” Many of us wish the light will turn green quickly so that we do not have eye contact with the person. Singer’s argument is simple. We ought to save a child from drowning unless we are risking something […]

How important to teach young children how to save

Many young people struggle with finances even though they were taught by either one parent or both. Imagine foster children who are not taught by either parent, or taught by multiple people and the confusion that comes with it. Most of the system children may not know the importance of hard work and savings.  and […]

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