Foster Children

Who Are These Foster Children?

It is unfortunate that some parents have children when they are not ready; or sometimes circumstances beyond their control make them raising their own children not possible. In many respects, foster children are not different from other children except they are not living with their biological parents. All human beings need love, security and stability. These three are lacking in many foster children.

This is where you come in as a Mentor, Foster or Adoptive parent:  besides love and security, these children need dependable, true and loving adults to love protect and guide them in their life’s journey.

Children in foster care extended need to belong and endless questions not answered about their circumstances are increasing.  Most foster children, like all children, love their parents deeply, even where there was abuse, neglect from those parents.  Like any other normal human being, most of these children are quite angry with themselves, their parents, the system, the police, the social worker, and the world in general. They suffered emotional shock when they were removed from their parents’ home, then from one foster home to another, not forgetting psychological effect which sometimes takes a very long time to heal. Their boiled anger of not being heard goes unexplainable.  Their stability and emotional needs as children have been denied and robbed from them. As a result, these kids have learned some defense mechanisms to cope with their situations and circumstances.

Despite all these, some children in foster care are able to cope with their situations, find loving and caring families and move on with their lives.

There are resources like Mentoring, counseling available for these children to adjust and cope with their lives that have been disrupted. CCAAFP will have a weekly or as needed counseling for these children to adjust to their new lives.

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Would you like to Donate to us?

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